Unisex Necklace: Buddha Howlite, Amazonite,Quartzite and "Courage and Peace"

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Product Description

Courage is deciding that you want a better existence and taking the steps to achieve your desired outcome. Peace is achieved when you realize that there is no lack and there is enough for everyone as you do your personal best and all will be manageable.
Today, I am open the universal peace that I desire and I will take this peace into my soul and radiate it in all of my being. Today, I embody courage and I will trust in my higher power and take the necessary steps to achieve my hearts desire; as I harm none in my personal process.
I hand made "Courage and Peace" Unisex Necklace from a Buddha Howlite and gorgeous Amazonite beads, Quartzite orange beads with Copper toggle clasp. Please include your desired length,colors vary because they are natural gemstones. I promise you speedy delivery,excellent customer service, and quality materials.

Unisex Necklace: Buddha Howlite, Amazonite,Quartzite and  "Courage and Peace"

A'Nena Jewelry

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." - J. Donald Walters said and its true. I hand make women's jewelry & men's jewelry ( bracelets, necklaces & earrings with Love & spiritual consciousness. Also find me at: http://www.anenajewelry.etsy.com