Item collection 7250526 original

Unisex :Personalized Matching Gemstone Necklace And Bracelet


Item collection 7200158 original

Unisex Necklace- Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones Fire Agate, Hematite, Aventurine,& Fluorite Waliq (Abundance in Quechua)


Item collection 7200062 original

Unisex Necklace "Courage" Pure Genuine Amazonite beads and copper toggle clasp


Item collection 7232094 original

Unisex Anklet Hematite: "Harmonious"


Item collection 7200243 original

Unisex Bracelet:Genuine Hematite, Squama, Turquoise & Wood "New Year, New Me!"


Item collection 7200206 original

Unisex Bracelet: Genuine Wood and Quartzite "I Am Strong "


Item collection 7200093 original

Unisex Bracelet "PEACE" Genuine Turquoise, Hematite and Howlite Peace Sign


Item collection 7199954 original

Unisex Necklace: Buddha Howlite, Amazonite,Quartzite and "Courage and Peace"


Item collection 7322303 original

Unisex Necklace: Lava ( Basalt ), Onyx and Hematite"POWERFUL BALANCE"


Item collection 7199848 original

Unisex Necklace Genuine Druzy Amethyst & Natural Quartz


Item collection 5250033 original

Choker: Sodalite Eternity Ring Set on Leather Chord "Sexy"


Item collection 7199887 original

Unisex Bracelet Faceted Hematite and Carved wood "I am Balanced"


Item collection 7199889 original

Unisex Bracelet : Sodalite, Hematite and Citrine "Calm and Prosperous"


Item collection 7503643 original

Necklace Genuine Faceted Azabache, Turquoise and Howlite "Shimmer"


Item collection 7331604 original

Necklace Genuine Faceted Azabache and Rhodonite "Shine"


Item collection 7165482 original

Unisex Choker Genuine Light Green Amazonite & Leather Chord "Comfort"


Item collection 6872892 original

Unisex Bracelet: Rock Quartz Crystal, Black Jasper And Hematite, Silver Plated Copper Bead "Shimi" ( Angel in Quechua)


A'Nena Jewelry

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." - J. Donald Walters said and its true. I hand make women's jewelry & men's jewelry ( bracelets, necklaces & earrings with Love & spiritual consciousness. Also find me at: