Item collection 4379987 original

Mens Necklace Buddha Amazonite, Quartzite and Howlite Courage


Item collection 4376018 original

Mens Bracelet Buddha White Amber and Howlite Successful


Item collection 4375989 original

Mens Bracelet Buddha, Howlite and Fancy Jasper,Prosperity


Item collection a0ddd313 f0ed 4efe 8364 b25eaecd1505

Unisex Bracelet Genuine Magnesite And Silver Plated Copper " Successful" by ANena Jewelry


Item collection 3439978 original

Bracelet: "Spiritual Warrior" Aventurine Jasper, And Hematite


Item collection 4375991 original

Mens Bracelet Buddha Hematite and Howlite Balance


Item collection 7200163 original

Necklace For Men " Faithful and Hopeful" Zebra Jasper Fire Opal, Sterling Silver, Amethyst, & Hematite


Item collection 3387958 original

Men's Bracelet: "Good Karma" Genuine Wood and Hematite Inspired by buddist concept


Item collection 5435109 original

Men's Bracelet Tiger's Eye,"Persistence"


Item collection 4375925 original

Bracelet For Men Genuine Onyx "Love"


Item collection 5588356 original

Men's Hematite and Citrine Necklace "Success , Prosperity and Balance"


Item collection 3394709 original

Men's Anklet Banded Jade, Brecciated Jasper And Naodelite "Blessed and Free"


Item collection 5250096 original

Men's Necklace Genuine Druzy Amethyst Gemstone Pendant and Natural Quartz Crystal Necklace


Item collection 3722911 original

Men's Wristlet: Red Jasper, Rock Quartz Crystal and Gold plated Copper "The Secret to Self Fullfillment"


Item collection 3723209 original

Men's Wristlet : Sodalite, and Aventurine "Calm Mind and Emotions"


Item collection 7200258 original

Men's Bracelet Imperial Jasper, Fluorite & Amazonite "Assertive"


Item collection 7200248 original

Mens Bracelet Quartzite and Silver Plated Copper beads " Inner Knowing" Machu Picchu Inspired


Item collection 2922751 original

Men's Bracelet Fire Agate & Jasper "Suyay" (Quechua For Hope) Machu Picchu Inspired


Item collection 3408326 original

Mens Bracelet"Live" Genuine Sodalite, Turquoise and Wood


Item collection 7200270 original

Men's Bracelet Turquoise , Hematite And Citrine " Full of Abundance and Prosperity "


Item collection 7200113 original

Mens Bracelet Genuine Banded Jade Beads And Naodelite Focal Bead "Milagro"


Item collection 7200301 original

Men's Bracelet "PEACE" Genuine Turquoise and Blonde and Tan Wood


Item collection 7200178 original

Men's Bracelet Green Quartzite and Burgundy Brecciated Jasper " Manifest"


Item collection 7200316 original

Men's Bracelet Genuine Amethyst, Amber Colored Artisan Glass, Jasper and Wood "I am Calm"


Item collection 7200193 original

Men's Bracelet Genuine Rare Ruby Brecciated Jasper "Love" By Anena Jewelry


Item collection 7255374 original

Men's Bracelet "Courage" Pure Genuine Amazonite and Silver Plated Beads


Item collection 7200024 original

Men's Bracelet: Aventurine, and Jasper "Gratitude"


Item collection 5250379 original

Men's Bracelet Jasper, Coral and Howlite "Unicorn"


Item collection 7297386 original

Men's Necklace Genuine Red Jasper,hematite, Howlite and Copper "Spiritual Warrior"


Item collection 7200095 original

Men's Choker "Good Karma" Genuine Wood , Hematite with a copper toggle clasp


Item collection 7322303 original

Unisex Necklace: Lava ( Basalt ), Onyx and Hematite"POWERFUL BALANCE"


Item collection 7200122 original

"FUERZA" Men's Choker Jasper & Jasper carved into a simulated shark tooth


Item collection 5725760 original

"FUERTE"Men's Necklace Hematite, Jasper, Howlite, Silver Plated Copper


Item collection 7199887 original

Unisex Bracelet Faceted Hematite and Carved wood "I am Balanced"


Item collection 3408868 original

Men's "Worthy " Necklace Fire Agate,Aventurine,Mutiple types of Jasper, Hematite 15th Century Machu Picchu Inspired


Item collection 5250262 original

Men's Necklace- Waliq (Abundance in Quechua) Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones Fire Agate, Hematite, Aventurine,& Fluorite


Item collection 7200079 original

Men's Bracelet: Genuine Turquoise " I Am Victorious "


Item collection 7230459 original

Men's Bracelet "PEACE" Genuine Turquoise, Hematite and Howlite Peace Sign


Item collection 7289713 original

Men's Bracelet: Zebra Jasper,Hematite and Howlite "Without Judgement"


Item collection 7200057 original

Men's Bracelet Black And White Jasper And 925 Sterling Silver Beads " New Beginnings"


Item collection 7200053 original

Men's Bracelet Amazonite, Sodalite and Unakite "Epiphany "


Item collection 7293124 original

Bracelet For Men Genuine :Hematite, Coral, Garnet, Jasper And Howlite,"Balanced And Protected"


Item collection 7292800 original

Men's Bracelet: Hematite "Harmonious"


Item collection 7200000 original

Men's Bracelet: Citrine 12mm , Quarzite 8mm & 925 Sterling Silver "Meditation"


Item collection 7199997 original

Men's Bracelet- Squama, Black Pearl, Faceted Azabache and Jasper "Success"


Item collection 7199989 original

Men's Bracelet Genuine Moss and Cracked Agate " I Am Organized"


Item collection 7199812 original

Men's Bracelet : Fancy Jasper, Howlite Cross, Hematite and Wood beads "Dreams Come True"


Item collection 7199833 original

Mens Bracelet Genuine Leopard Jasper and Imperial Jasper "Dependable"


Item collection 7199826 original

Mens Bracelet Red and Leopard Jasper, Hematite and Network Bracelet. "Status"


Item collection 7200060 original

Bracelet For Men Genuine Grey Jasper Silverplated Copper "The Secret To Being Comfortable In Your Skin "


Item collection 7200014 original

Bracelet For Men Genuine Assorted Colors of Fancy Jasper, Hematite and Silver-Plated Copper "The Joy of Getting to Know Yourself"


Item collection 7200065 original

Bracelet For Men Genuine Fancy Jasper Silverplated Copper "The Secret To Love "


Item collection 7199872 original

Men's Bracelet Zebra Jasper,Turquoise " I Am Brave"


Item collection 7199844 original

Men's Bracelet Genuine Tigers Eye 'Successful'


Item collection 7325978 original

Mens Bracelet Genuine , Rare Black Squama, , Jasper "Sapa Inka "


Item collection 7199789 original

Mens Bracelet Hematite and Black Pearl "Powerful" By Anena Jewelry


Item collection 7199677 original

Men's Bracelet Turquoise, And Wood" I Am In Charge II"


Item collection 7199796 original

Tiger's Eye, Fire Agate Men's Bracelet "Persistence"


Item collection 7199766 original

Men's Bracelet :Genuine Multi-Hued Fancy Jasper & Red Coral "The Secret To Being Balanced "


Item collection 7199625 original

Men's Bracelet: Wood and Aventurine "Liberty "


A'Nena Jewelry

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." - J. Donald Walters said and its true. I hand make women's jewelry & men's jewelry ( bracelets, necklaces & earrings with Love & spiritual consciousness. Also find me at: