Men's Choker "Good Karma" Genuine Wood , Hematite with a copper toggle clasp

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Minimalist, zen and stylish in a quiet way, Men's Choker "Good Karma" reminds us that it is responsible to engage in actions & words rooted in kindness towards every life form, just on the merit that it is the right thing to do; always. People may be put off by it at first saying that you are too good to be true, but it does not matter, for after a while people will see that you are genuine. Over the years of living your life in this manner you will notice that you are very lucky and that you are in a good space while others who are careless with words and actions are always unhappy. You will always reap what you sow so why not live your life in a conscious manner. I really love wearing and very much enjoyed making " Good Karma " men's choker; it is Inspired by buddist concepts and its perfect for men who like a very classic yet minimalist style in chokers." Good Karma " is made of wood and hematite with a copper toggle clasp. Affordable and a perfect gift for any reason.
Looks great with Men's Bracelet "Good Karma"

The word karma–is extracted from the Sanskrit root word KR which means to do and or to make. The word karma is an: action, work, and deed and your current results are based on that of past deeds are the fruit of the action that which is visited on to you for what you have done and in Sanskrit that is known as the phalam or fruit of action.

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Men's Choker "Good Karma" Genuine  Wood , Hematite with a copper toggle clasp

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