Bracelet: "Spiritual Warrior" Aventurine Jasper, And Hematite

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Product Description

Spiritual Warriors are people who center their minds in peace and only do good actions towards themselves and others. They realize that is only when they are in a state of peace and doing good, that they can really effect long lasting change. They walk through life forgiving others because they realize that through forgiveness they are free, and that holding grudges only enslaves them and they lose focus of living their precious life and making wonderful memories.They face all of their challenges with the power of positive thinking and are fueled by the energy of faith and hope and this creates balance, resilience and perseverance.They make their own decisions and only allow in their lives that which is loving and safe. At times when you are feeling burn out, please let Spiritual Warrior remind you that Peace is power and all power remains in peace. Spiritual Warrior bracelet is made from Aventurine (12mm),Jasper ,Hematite and a silverplated copper bead (all 10 mm) and was created for everyone to use for everyday wear.
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There is no other way that I can say it and I really am in love with gemstone stones. The gradiation in color and how not two stones are exactly a! Aventurine is so gorgeous and the fancy jasper is magical to look at when I was creating this I thought about how luck I was to be able to touch and see these stones.

Bracelet: "Spiritual Warrior" Aventurine Jasper, And Hematite Bracelet: "Spiritual Warrior" Aventurine Jasper, And Hematite Bracelet: "Spiritual Warrior" Aventurine Jasper, And Hematite

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